My Shopee favourite list 2022

2022 is almost over, and I wanted to recap all the favourite ‘wellness’ products I added to my life this year. Because honestly, 2022 has been very busy for me. It’s a good busy, but also hectic. Taking care of myself went to the bottom of the list. So I hope by listing all my favourite Shopee products, I can help someone out there and remind you to take care of yourself.

 Here are my favourite Shopee products in 2022!

  1. AirActive activewear
Shopee favourite list
Airactive top and bottom from Shopee

If you are looking for comfortable, affordable activewear clothes, AirActive is the shop to bookmark. Put this in your Shopee favourite list. The activewear brand has a good variety of tops and bottoms. The material is smooth and dries fast. I love wearing it to the gym, yoga, ballet, etc. Add this to your favourite Shopee list for those who live in a country with warm weather like me. You can see from the reviews that it’s not just mine but many others’ favourites in Shopee!

  1. Inkylist products
Shopee favourite list
Get skincare on Shopee

I have dehydrated skin, and every month I go to my facialist, and she complains about my dry skin. Anyway, I came across Inkylist products in Sephora and found them quite affordable. So I looked it up on the Shopee platform, and lo and behold, I found them here. I know many fake products are out there, so I read many reviews before trying out this seller. The reviews seemed good, with many reviewers saying this is one of their favourite shopee sellers.  I decided to order the Polyglutamic acid serum and Hyaluronic acid from Shopee. After using it for a week, I feel like my skin is less dry. Looking at the box and the bottle, the product seems genuine. There was also no weird smell. The Inkylist is fast becoming one of my favourite brands in Shopee, and this seller looks like a genuine platform where I can get my Inkylist stuff. 

  1. JBL Headphones
Shopee favourite list
These JBL headphones are great for music on the go

I own a pair of AirPods but hear me out – nothing signals “don’t talk to me” more than a pair of gigantic headphones. More specifically, this JBL Tune 600 BTNC Noise-cancelling Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone in white. I have a lot that I like. It cancels exterior noise by about 80%, so I can’t hear what my colleagues say, but I can hear if someone suddenly shouts ” fire “. Plus, the earpads are comfy enough. It only connects to one Bluetooth system, though. If you’re like me and use it on multiple systems (computer, phone, iPad etc.), you’ll have to remember to disconnect one platform before using the other. I also notice the price has increased since I last bought it, so add this to your Shopee Favourite list before it becomes too expensive. 

  1. SOMEBYMI Vitamin C
Shopee favourite list
Vitamin C from Somebymi

Another skincare product on my Shopee favourite list because I am a skincare junkie. I’ll review all the products I use in greater detail soon. Anyway, I’ve only started using SOMEBYMI, a K-skin brand, in 2022. It was all over my Insta feed at some point. I didn’t like the oily skincare products because they were too strong for me. But I like the Vitamin C serum! The packaging is also great since it comes in a dropper form. I dislike opening skincare products and exposing them to bacteria. The dropper feels more sanitary and luxurious.,  I use it in the morning because Vit C is an antioxidant which protects your skin from pollutants. It’s on my Shopee favourite list, and I’ll be repurchasing when it runs out. 

  1. DEKOREA PREMIUM Foldable Table Riser PRO Laptop Desk
Shopee favourite list

If you are like me and have a table you cannot get rid of for various reasons, then consider getting this table riser instead. My beautiful, antique study table is handcrafted, and I, for obvious reasons, cannot discard it. But my work-from-home posture was getting from bad to worst. Luckily I stumbled upon this portable option while looking for a laptop stand. This is better than a laptop stand since you can easily convert your table into a standing desk. One of my Shopee favourites buys, and it should be on yours too! 

And that’s a wrap! I hope this blog was useful to you if you’re thinking of what products to buy and how to improve your health and wellness next.  2022 was a great year for me, and I am excited for 2023. Wishing everyone out there a Happy New Year! 

*Disclaimer: The above contains affiliate links which let me earn a small commission. Thank you for supporting my blog!

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